Movie Slimeballs

You know who I’m talking about. Those argumentative, disruptive, condescending, annoying and, sometimes, downright evil antagonists whose chief existence, it seems, is to make our hero’s life harder.
In the 1980s, American cinema was awash with the movie slimeball. They became one of the decade’s most prominent tropes; as recognisable as the permed bouffant and spandex.

In fact, the 80s slimeball became as familiar as the femme fatale of 40s and 50s film noir or the promiscuous teenager of 80s slasher movies destined to die at the hands of the killer.
Not always attached to the main villain’s entourage but, by his or her actions, an extension of the bad guy’s threat, the 80s slimeball became an important part of a film’s ability to excite, entertain, infuriate and unsettle. As we’re about to find out, these bit-part players left an indelible mark.

Paul Davenport
Paul Davenport isn’t happy that newcomer Josh Baskin (Tom Hanks) is winning the attentions of his boss and the heart of his girl so makes every effort to make the Baskin’s life a misery.

Dillon knowingly sends his old friend Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his crack team of mercenaries into danger in the jungles of Central America. While this CIA slimeball can’t account for the alien creature that picks off the soldiers one-by-one, his lies and cloak and dagger bureaucracy are a contributor to their demise.



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