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Yes, the Contemporary Farmhouse Is Still on the Trending List

Contemporary Farmhouse

The answer to the question “Is the Farmhouse style still happening?” is a resounding yes! Designers agree that the Farmhouse style’s popularity is increasing, especially in its modern, transitional form: light – often white – vertical siding, metal roof or roof accents, shed dormers and bump-outs, clean lines with no frills, and a main-floor master suite rather than the more traditional second-floor master. According to House Plan Zone’s Boone, the Contemporary Farmhouse is his company’s top-selling plan style.

It’s easy to see why Americans are captivated and charmed by the Farmhouse style. There are the simple, clean lines, the traditional welcoming porch – sometimes a wraparound – dormers, gable roof, and large, spacious kitchens. And above all, the farmhouse is adaptable – with each design differing from one home to another. It can be quaint and folksy, stylishly modern, or chic and sophisticated. You can’t go wrong with the farmhouse! สถาปนิก


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