Foods to Eat

Pictures of Best Foods to Eat as You AgeTry to base your diet around these healthy food groups:
Vegetables: These should play a fundamental role at most meals. They are low in calories yet full of important micronutrients and fiber.
Fruits: A natural sweet treat, fruit provides micronutrients and antioxidants that can help improve health
Meat and fish: Meat and fish have been the major sources of protein throughout evolution. They are a staple in the human diet, although vegetarian and vegan diets have become popular as well.
Nuts and seeds: These are one of the best fat sources available and also contain important micronutrients.

Eggs: Considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet, whole eggs pack a powerful combination of protein, beneficial fats and micronutrients.
Dairy: Dairy products such as natural yogurt and milk are convenient, low-cost sources of protein and calcium.
Healthy starches: For those who aren’t on a low-carb diet, whole food starchy foods like potatoes, quinoa and Ezekiel bread are healthy and nutritious.
Beans and legumes: These are fantastic sources of fiber, protein and micronutrients.
Beverages: Water should make up the majority of your fluid intake, along with drinks like coffee and tea.
Herbs and spices: These are often very high in nutrients and beneficial plant compounds.
For a longer list, here is an article with 50 super healthy foods.

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