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How can you balance great interior design with spectacular, functional space planning? shows you how.

What makes the perfect interior design? we think deeply not only about the look of a space, but how it is going to be used. Therefore, as a reliable interior designer, we strive to understand the needs and wishes of all our clients. We dive deep into their lifestyle, living standards and more besides.

It’s important to us that we understand and appreciate exactly how you are going to use your space. Our interior design studio will work closely with you to explain our processes, and to understand what you need on a series of levels. We’re passionate about delivering dream projects to all our clients. However, we think your end products should be as functional as they are spectacular!

Functionality and Adaptability

We believe in functionality and practicality throughout the home. Our interior design process focuses on creating specific zones for specific needs. In some cases, you may spend more time in your lounge, while others may prefer to keep their kitchen as the heart of their property.

With this in mind, we make sure to create priority spaces. Through our space planning, we want to make sure the rooms you will use the most are those which are most functional and are most comfortable.

In addition to this, we will look carefully at which rooms you want to create for your interior space. Of course, we consider the living room and bedroom, which is what the majority of full properties have. But, perhaps you’d like a functional gym, an entertainment room, or a study. Even if you are working with limited space, we can work to create a discrete, functional interior design for you. For example, we were able to build spectacular, accessible storage in our Wellington Project, creating enough space to store accessories and books, while not taking up a lot of space in the living area.

Volume and Ergonomics

When space planning, we will work with you to establish how to make the most of your existing interior design, and how we can make your volume work for you. If you have a large home, such as that which we worked with on our Clifton Hill project, you will naturally have more leeway. Otherwise, you might prefer an open plan design if it fits your lifestyle. We have a fantastic blog post about open plan spaces you might wish to look at.

Otherwise, make sure to consider practical elements of your home. For example, the height of your family members will influence the height of specific facilities. What’s more, you could introduce property changes that make things cosier, or wider open, as per your daily routines. We will of course discuss all of these points with you during our initial consultations and planning!



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