Prevention for Amblyopia Or Lazy Eye

Lazy Eye: (Amblyopia & Strabismus)Treatments, Preventions and Cures by  Daniel Silver


Amblyopia often starts before there is any obvious sign that something is wrong. This is why young children need to have their eyes checked yearly beginning at the age of 2.

If your baby is premature, the eye check-up needs to be done earlier. All preterm babies are at increased risk of refractive errors, particularly myopia, astigmatism, and strabismus. It is also recommended that children have eye check-up at the age of 3-5 years to make sure that his or her vision is functioning properly.

If amblyopia is not treated early, specifically during the period of visual development between birth and 7 years of age, it can result in a permanent visual defect or loss of depth perception. If you suspect lazy eye in your child, consult a doctor right away. The consequences of lazy eye can be severe and unnecessary, particularly when the symptoms are treatable.

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