The Rise of Workplace Wellness: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

It seems like everywhere you go you run into health-conscious folks. Whether it’s your coworker talking about the latest superfood craze, the seemingly always jogging neighbor on your block or your friend talking about their experimentation with mindfulness exercises, it’s easy to see how maintaining health is a priority for many. This prioritization of health has also led to the emergence of a new buzzword for employers across the country—workplace wellness.

Workplace wellness is no longer a concept limited to hip startups or Silicon Valley tech companies. In fact, these programs are growing so common and so popular that the corporate wellness market is projected to double in value by 2026.1 More and more, prospective employees consider workplace wellness options before accepting a job offer.

But what exactly is workplace wellness? Or even the vague, but often used, term “wellness” really about? In this article we will take a deeper look at the exciting and rapidly growing sector of workplace wellness programs and their unique ability to positively impact individuals and communities.

health-conscious : Workplace wellness in action
So how can workplace wellness programs help? Consider these anecdotal experiences. Routhier says she struggled to sleep most of her life. For her, a good night’s sleep was between 4 to 5 hours and this chronic sleep deprivation left her exhausted and deeply impacted her immune system. Routhier tried several approaches to address this: changing her diet to cut out caffeine, over the counter medications, and numerous medical visits, all with no results. Finally, a doctor suggested the root problem might be anxiety. As part of a wellness package, her employer provided up to six months of mental health visits at no cost and with no referral or approval necessary.

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