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What is a building designer?

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building Who should I choose for my project?

You can get equally show-stopping results from both architects and building designers, and the cost for the services of each are actually very similar. Less expensive and smaller projects are probably more suited to building designers. In general, an architect has more experience, is qualified and is more capable of providing a better level of detailed design when compared to a building designer. Architects are recommended for larger projects and buildings that will be more than three stories tall.

When choosing between an architect or building designer, you need to do research into their past projects and experience and understand their personal design style as these will factor greatly in whether or not the end result of your project is a success. Also take into consideration the size, scale and difficulty of your project. If you’re looking to build something incredibly large, bespoke, with experimental or difficult design features or fittings, it may be best for you to consult an architect. However, if you’re looking for a well-designed, functional and beautiful small to medium project, you should look into a building designer.


designing the rooms



Builders, architects, interior designers, and landscape designers can reduce the chaos of custom building jobs with CoConstruct, which simplifies communication with clients and contractors and offers financial control over projects. You could shave days off projects by bundling management, task lists, invoicing, and more here. Clearly present specs, pricing, and files in client-friendly formats to enable more efficient decision making; reduce back-and-forth chatter; and immediately show projected costs or budget tweaks as selections or change orders are made. Replicable templates and documents can also help you make more accurate estimates faster, submit bids sooner, and create proposals more easily. Coordinate field and office visits and create time sheets, purchase orders, and invoices, all from one spot.


designing the rooms

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Home Upkeep versus Home Improvements

For any home improvement project, the quality of the work is the most important aspect. To ensure you’re receiving only the best, our bathroom renovation company only employs qualified and talented contractors that are licensed in their specialties. We strive to always exceed your expectations, no matter what the project is.

Understanding your goals for your bathroom is our first priority. Depending on your input, we can preserve your style or create a whole new one. No matter what you end up deciding on, our team works quickly and efficiently to create the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.
Reach out today to discuss your ideas and find out what we can do to make them a reality.
designing the rooms

Best Senior Moving Services

Smiling mature woman carrying

Whether retiring, downsizing, or relocating to a new city, senior moving service companies specialize in offering moving services to aging adults when they have a life-changing event. These providers aim to help make this transition as smooth as possible.

The best senior moving services have staff who are experienced in working with seniors, are often certified, and, perhaps most importantly, are caring, compassionate, and patient. They understand the difficulties of moving—especially at this age—offer end-to-end moving services, have a great reputation, assist in every step of the move, and provide a flat rate.

If you or a family member is retiring or relocating to a new location or an assisted living facility, we have rounded up the best senior moving services to consider.


designing the rooms

Yes, the Contemporary Farmhouse Is Still on the Trending List

Contemporary Farmhouse

The answer to the question “Is the Farmhouse style still happening?” is a resounding yes! Designers agree that the Farmhouse style’s popularity is increasing, especially in its modern, transitional form: light – often white – vertical siding, metal roof or roof accents, shed dormers and bump-outs, clean lines with no frills, and a main-floor master suite rather than the more traditional second-floor master. According to House Plan Zone’s Boone, the Contemporary Farmhouse is his company’s top-selling plan style.

It’s easy to see why Americans are captivated and charmed by the Farmhouse style. There are the simple, clean lines, the traditional welcoming porch – sometimes a wraparound – dormers, gable roof, and large, spacious kitchens. And above all, the farmhouse is adaptable – with each design differing from one home to another. It can be quaint and folksy, stylishly modern, or chic and sophisticated. You can’t go wrong with the farmhouse! สถาปนิก

designing the rooms

The wooden house

Modern wooden house

A wooden house has several advantages: wood is not only an ecological and warm material, but also relatively durable over time – several hundred years – and a good insulator. It is inexpensive during the construction and also provides long-term savings. A woodenS house has many advantages, both from an environmental and financial point of view, and it also allows, thanks to modern techniques, a great flexibility of architectural design.

The benefits of a wooden house
Beyond the environmental consciousness that makes wood an excellent construction material for an ecological house, following the principles of a sustainable architecture, a house built of wood with modern techniques offers various advantages: resistance to deformation, good aging, durability over time, environment-friendly properties during production, construction and long-term use, wood is also a cheap material.


designing the rooms


During a social gathering, much of a guest’s time is spent in the dining room. A well-designed dining room should encourage conversation among guests, which means the space shouldn’t be too noisy or in sight of many distractions. Particularly in an open-concept home, it can be challenging to ensure a private and intimate setting without sacrificing style.

Here, the team at Chimera Interiors creatively uses large floating screens to separate the dining  from the rest of the house. “The screens separate and frame views of open areas surrounding the dining area, like the library and the dining,” says designer Marina Mizruh of Chimera Interiors.


designing the rooms

Bathroom Remodel Ideas New normal

Do Some Plumbing by Yourself
If you hate calling upon the services of a plumber for remodeling work, stop for a minute and ask yourself what you might be able to do on your own. With the advent of plastic PEX plumbing pipes and push-in fittings, even the least confident do-it-yourself plumber can tackle light plumbing tasks with relative ease. If your notion of plumbing work is still rooted in the days of soldering copper pipes with an open flame or working with galvanized pipes, give this idea some serious thought. You just might find out that PEX and push-in fittings are perfect for your needs.

Install Your Own Bathroom Vanity and Top
Bathroom vanities and tops practically come assembled for you. Because bathrooms are small, it is possible for you to buy nearly or fully assembled bathroom vanity units and vanity tops and have them in place within a couple of hours. Vanity units come in stock sizes ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches wide. Coordinating counters can be purchased that even have sinks fused into them, eliminating sink installation and caulking woes.

Migrate Bathroom Materials
If you have two bathrooms and you remodel one of them, what should you do with all of those materials? Some homeowners have found that it is cost-effective to migrate materials from one bathroom to the other bathroom. Even materials as trivial as shower curtains, pipes, and picture frames can be moved to the next bathroom.

Design the Bathroom by Yourself
While bathroom designers are great, they also can break your bathroom remodel budget. Consider designing your bathroom by yourself. Whole-house remodels, additions, and large kitchens can benefit from the expertise of a qualified designer. But bathrooms in most houses aren’t so complicated. Spending some time studying bathroom layouts and learning the basic bathroom design guidelines (such as recommendations from the National Kitchen and Bath Association) can give you plenty of idea to get started.

Install Wainscot on the Lower Half of Walls
If a bathroom material still works, fix it up and reuse it. This is the guiding principle of any surface-level renovation (with the caveat that you never want to cover anything because it needs to be replaced). For example, there is no better way to cover up the lower portion of walls than with easy-to-install wainscot. Wainscot is a pre-fabricated board that extends as high as 48 inches and eliminates the need to patch wall dings and minor holes; wainscot simply covers it up.

Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Branch Home Improvement


designing the rooms

Pergola Plans

These free pergola plans will help you build that much-needed structure in your backyard to give you shade, cover your hot tub, or simply define an outdoor space into something special.
You’ll find a wide variety of shapes and styles for pergolas here as well as plans for both free-standing and deck pergolas.

Building a pergola can be a simple to challenging building project depending on what plan you pick so make sure you know your skill level before starting. All the free pergola plans include building instructions, lists of tools and materials that you’ll need, diagrams, and photos.

After you’ve looked at these free pergola plans be sure to check out my other free woodworking plans for all your outside needs, including plans on how to build arbors, gazebos, sheds, picnic tables, greenhouses, potting benches, dog houses, porch swings, chicken coops, and much more.

Pergola Plan with Adjustable Roof Panels from HGTV
HGTV has a free pergola plan that will build you pergola that includes adjustable roof panels to control the amount of sun you get. An added bench gives you included seating. Use the materials and tools list, photos, and building instructions to build this breath-taking pergola.

Wood Pergola Plan
HGTV has another free pergola plan and you’ll love how simple this pergola project is. Use the materials and tools list, step-by-step directions, and photos to build this pergola in your backyard.

Basic Pergola Plan
Here’s a very thorough pergola plan that will help you build a pergola from start to finish in an entire weekend. You’ll get step-by-step instructions, a materials/tools list, photos, diagrams, and videos to help you build this simple but beautiful pergola.

Pergola Over a Deck Plan
DIY Network has a free pergola plan if you want to build a pergola over an existing deck. Included in the free pergola plan are building instructions, a list of materials and tools you’ll need, photos, and even videos.


designing the rooms

Internal planning and dual use of space

The Best Home Design

Internal planning and dual use of space
With the internal planning, carefully deciding the location of the rooms within the house and minimising circulation space can all assist in achieving efficient planning.

The goal is to make the best use of the available space. This is a more difficult design exercise which requires some discipline.

The easy solution is always to add more space with the house gradually increasing in area size.

The dual use of some spaces may help reduce the house footprint, for example:

A laundry within a bathroom
A laundry cupboard rather than a separate space
A laundry with a second toilet in lieu of a powder room
A bathroom could have access to the master bedroom and the hall, eliminating the need for two bathrooms
A three-way bathroom could also offer flexible and convenient use, avoiding multiple bathrooms throughout the house
Due to the limited floor area in a small house, it is important to provide adequate storage for linen, appliances, clothing and other household items.

Nothing can make a house appear small and cramped as much as the lack of space to store the things needed for daily living.

Bulging cupboards and boxes stacked in the corners of rooms will make homeowners feel like a person living in clothes four sizes too small.

If storage space is sufficient and the house remains uncluttered, it will retain the sense of spaciousness intended when designed.

Alternatively, a weather-protected external living area can increase the sense of space as well as providing a useful living area that can be used year round. Sliding or stacking glass doors provide generous access and allow views to the external area.

Not sure which materials will withstand the weather? Check out our helpful blog on how to pick external materials in your house design and keep the outdoor areas looking fresh.

Other architectural measures to make a small house feel larger
There are a range of architectural measures that can help a house be perceived as larger than the dimensions suggest.

Some of these strategies include increasing the ceiling height or incorporating a sloping ceiling, using light internal wall colours, larger windows and sliding glass doors (well-lit houses appear bigger) and using the same floor finish throughout.

Consistent internal wall colours and flooring help spaces flow from one area to the next.

With the cost of land and housing rising steeply perhaps it is time to consider what it is we really need to live comfortably. A smaller house may be able to provide all that is needed with the major advantage of lower construction cost.

Undoubtedly, smaller house areas will form part of the solution to our current housing problems. Explore our recent housing projects for more inspiration on how to take advantage of internal space to create a spacious atmosphere in a small home.